New Councillor

Submitted on 23 October 2014 by Paula Heath

At The Council meeting held on 22nd October Clevedon Town Council considred 3 candidates for the vacant Walton Ward seat. Mr David Eggleston, Mr Godon Irvine and Mrs Judith West. Each candidate had submitted an expression of Interest and then gave a 3 minute  presentation to the Councillors on who they were and what they could bring to the Town Council. The Chairman of the Council thanked all the candidates appreciating the hard choice they had given members to decide; following a vote Judith West was co-opted.

Clevedon Town Council goes to the electorate next May and its hoped that the two unsucessfull candidates will put thier names forward at that time. Clevedon will drop from 7 wards to 5 but the number of Town Councillors will remain the same.

for more details on becoming a Town Councillor please contact the Town Clerk - Ms Paula Heath