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Portishead /Clevedon Recycling Centre.

You can recycle the following materials at this site:

* Paper
* Cardboard
* Glass
* Aluminium drinks cans, food tins and foil
* Steel drinks cans and food tins
* Textiles and shoes
* Scrap metal
* Car batteries, engine oil and tyres
* Fridges and freezers
* Wood and timber
* Hardcore - including bricks and rubble
* Green garden waste

*TETRA PAK at Tesco Clevedon

Recresco Recycling plastics
For more information on "What Plastic to recycle"?
Visit Recresco website

recycle plastic

We currently accept the four most common types of plastic -
Type 1 PET(E), Type 2 (HDPE) Type 5 (PP) and Type 6 (PS)

Type 1, or Polyethylene Terephthalate, is commonly used to make fizzy drink bottles, water bottles and salad trays

Type 2, or High Density Polyethylene, is mainly used to make milk bottles, bleach, cleaners and most shampoo bottles.

Type 5, or Polypropylene, is commonly used to make margarine tubs and microwaveable meal trays.

Type 6, or Polystyrene, is mainly used to make yoghurt pots, foam hamburger boxes, plastic egg cartons, plastic cutlery and protective packaging for electronic goods.

You can identify what type of plastic you have by looking for an embossed triangular logo normally around the base:

* For type 1 look for both the number 1 or the letters PET(E).
* For type 2 look for both the number 2 or the letters HDPE.
* For type 5 look for both the number 5 or the letters PP
* For type 6 look for both the number 6 or the letters PS

The logo with both letters and numbers is shown in the picture at the top of this page, however the logo is sometimes displayed with only numbers or only letters.

We can not accept plastic with any other combination of letters or numbers for recycling because, at the moment, it is difficult to do and expensive and we do not have a secure end market for recycling the other types of plastic.

Please do not recycle plastic without a logo, flower pots, cling film, carrier bags, bin liners, bubble wrap or plastic types 3, 4, 7 or above.

Clevedon - Car Park opposite The Barn, Great Western Road (NO GLASS RECYCLING HERE)
Portishead - Recycling Centre
Nailsea - Clevedon Road Car Park
Backwell - Recycling Centre

Green signs at the site indicate where you can place items for recycling while red signs show you where to put your non-recyclable waste. You can drop off your waste at the centre as long as your vehicle is less than six-feet high.

Please try and compost as much green garden waste as possible at home as it is a more environmentally-friendly way to dispose of your waste.

Portishead / Clevedon Recyling centre can also accept your hazardous waste for safe disposal, for example, part-filled gas bottles, weedkillers and chemicals as well as large items such as furniture and domestic appliances which will not fit into your bag or bin.
Alternatively, if you are unable to transport your larger waste items to one of our centres we can pick them up from your home as part of our our bulky waste service.

For further information download our recycling centres service standards or contact our Streets and Open Spaces service on (01934) 888 802.

Recycling girl

Recycle Banks locations in Clevedon:

Tesco Supermarket Car Park, Kenn Road, Clevedon
Glass Bottles / Jars (Mixed), Mixed Metal Food & Drink Cans, Plastic Carrier Bags, Mixed Paper (incl Newspapers, Junkmail, Magazines), Clothes, Shoes, Mobile Phones and Plastic bottles & TETRA PAK.

Car Park opposite The Barn, Great Western Road
Mixed Metal Food & Drink Cans, Mixed Paper (incl Newspapers, Junkmail, Magazines), Clothes, Shoes.

Your Kerbside Recycling collections are the responsibility of North Somerset Council

From Monday 3 May recycling and waste collection days are changing. Your new collection day calendar will be delivered by the end of April.

From the beginning of May North Somerset Council will also start collecting on all Bank Holidays except at Christmas, and begin collections at 7am. Please ensure that your bins, boxes and bags are out by 7.30am on the day of collection.

To use the North Somerset Council recycling and waste collection day search facility CLICK HERE and follow the instructions on that page (this link will open in a new window). You will also be able to download your new collection day calendar in .pdf format.