The Following Draft Minutes are subject to alteration, amendment or deletion at the next Council meeting

  committee Minutes meeting date
  Planning 26th July 2017
  Planning 9th August 2017
  Council 2nd August 2017 
  Transport & Highways  
  Finance & General Policy  
  Town Events & Amenity  
  Allotments  24 July 2017
  Special Council Burial/Allotments 2nd August 2017
  Special Council Burial/Allotments 14th August 2017
  Special Council CCTV 31st August 2017
  Special Council NSC 5th September 2017
  Annual Town Meeting  24th April 2017
Sub Committees  
Public Toilets Working Group                   16th August 2017  
Youth Provision in Community                  21st August 2017  
WW1 Clevedon 1918-2018                        7th September 2017